I empower people to transform their "too much-ness" into their greatest gift to the world. 

What does that mean? 

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the game changers of the world come in with a really big purpose. They’re here for a reason, and their work is urgent.

It’s needed right now.

But few, if any, of the people around them have been able to handle or support that level of powerful energy. That "too much-ness."

Maybe you've been told you were too much. Too intense. Too passionate. Too energetic. Too sensitive.

The outcast. The black sheep.

But the truth is, you're not too much. You are a game changer.

You have a giant purpose. (You may not even know what it is yet, but you can FEEL it deep within you.)

The people around you just weren’t able to handle that big purpose of yours...or the "too much-ness" you need to bring your gifts to the world.

But I can. And I’m determined to support you in your mission to change the world (and the spiritual transformation and self-healing that goes along with it).



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My name is Deana. My passion is transformation.

When I was thrust into my own spiritual journey of self-healing, I didn't know how to get started or what to do.

I felt scared, alone and confused.

I created Self-Healing School after searching far and wide for something like it and coming up empty handed.

Through Self-Healing School, I now show others the path I followed--along with the simple tools and energetic short cuts I've created--empowering them to heal themselves and transform their lives...MUCH faster than I did.

What is Self-Healing School?

When people first discover Self-Healing School, they tend to see it as an online space containing free resources + trainings, DIY (do-it-yourself) online courses and group programs focused on using energy work as a simple short cut to heal the hurts of the past and clear the beliefs that keep us stuck so that we can discover our true life purpose and live a life we enjoy.


What many come to realize is that Self-Healing School is the place where game changers gather to explore possibilities, uncover their gifts and connect with other game changers as they embark on a journey of healing themselves and transforming their lives with energy work.

Self-Healing School is a transformative online hub located at the intersection of empowerment and support. Your ticket to enter is courage and willingness. Once you join us, you’ll learn how to create your very own energetic strategy so you can begin (or accelerate) your own self-healing journey.

Along this journey, we’ll use energy work as the vehicle moving us forward as we ditch emotional baggage and heavy cargo that’s holding us back: anger, sadness, guilt, trauma, shame, not-good-enough, financial debt and so much more.

We’ll also make room around us and within us to pick up some good friends: Awareness, Intention, Joy, Peace, Happiness, True Purpose + Meaning, Creation, Gratitude, Love and Expansion.

What will I learn at Self-Healing School?

At Self-Healing School, you'll find a variety of DIY online courses and group programs teaching you down-to-Earth, actionable tools so you are empowered to understand and care for your own energy. For example, do you ever experience:


  • Feeling tired all the time?
  • Bills piling up?
  • Health problems?
  • Relationships driving you nuts?
  • Feeling not-good-enough?
  • Never having enough time?


All of these things are tied to energy that is stuck both in and around your body. If you are experiencing one or all of these (or something else that makes you feel not-so-great), you have stuck and stagnant energy that creates these not-so-fun patterns and experiences in your life. Once you learn how to get that energy flowing freely, these things begin to shift fast.

Once you learn how to recognize and interpret “the energy vibes” within you and around you, you can begin quickly dissolving the stuck energy into flowing energy so you feel better and have better things (and people) showing up in your life.


Why have I never heard of ‘energy work’ before?

If it seems too good to be true (or downright weird and impossible!), I get it. I was pretty apprehensive about energy work when I first discovered it, too.

I grew up having NO idea what any of this ‘energy stuff’ was. When I did catch wind of it, I wanted to stay as far away as possible.

Why? Things feel scary when we don’t know much about them.

What I discovered though is that energy work is about as scary as, well, grass…or lollipops.

In a nutshell, energy work is about becoming aware of who you truly are in your body, mind and soul so that you can line up with the life you came here to enjoy. It’s about connecting you back with who you came here to be before the world got in the way (Hey! Nobody leaves childhood unscathed!).

It’s about finally getting off that confusing emotional rollercoaster and gaining clarity and awareness about what feels right to you and what doesn’t. Then, dissolving and releasing the emotional baggage and negative thoughts you’ve been carrying with you since you were a kid, so you can experience a purpose filled life of joy and freedom.

If you’ve ever laid awake at night with your thoughts flying or trying to figure out why things aren’t going the way you’d like them to, you understand how long it takes and how hard and frustrating it can be to slog through life on brain power alone.

With energy work, we now have a short cut to bypass the limits of our thinking and enter the energy of the subconscious. Here, we can quickly get to the root of any issue and unplug the energy patterns creating the problems keeping us up at night.

What results can I expect?

That all depends on your intentions, but let’s be real! It’s better than being up all night with your racing mind, isn’t it?

For me, I experienced more emotional stability. I no longer felt like my life was spinning out of control and that I didn’t have a say in anything. All of my relationships improved and new, wonderful people came into my life, too. I discovered my true purpose in life and created a business I love around it. I learned how to set boundaries that were respected by others. I kicked the “not-good-enough feelings” for good! I went from surviving 7 bad days a week to having good days here and there and now experience a whole lot of good days (with a few challenges thrown in here and there).

Other people have credited their journey at Self-Healing School to help them improve their personal life AND create and grow their business by:

  • attracting new clients.
  • selling the house they’ve been trying to get rid of.
  • improving their physical health and alleviating aches and pains.
  • discovering their true life purpose.
  • manifesting more money or romance.
  • finally moving past a trauma or issue that kept popping up in their life.
  • feeling better and more energized during the day.

Is Self-Healing School right for me?

Only you can know that for sure. But, I can tell you this:

Self-Healing School was born out of my intensive, often frustrating struggle to find happiness, peace and meaning in my own life.

It all started with a simple realization: I was miserable. I wanted to be happy. It seemed like it shouldn't be so hard.

But, woah. It was hard. And I was petrified. Completely petrified.

And confused.

What if I got it wrong?

Would I cease to be who I was?

Would I have to ditch all of my current relationships?

Who could I trust to guide me?

But, the biggest question I had was “HOW?”

How do I do it?

What do I do?

Where should I start?

I wanted a map of the journey. I wanted guide posts I could be looking out for along the way. I wanted reassurance that the journey would be worth it and I’d survive it.

I wanted down-to-Earth, actionable things I could do to see positive and fast results in my life.

But, no matter how much I searched, I wasn’t able to find all of those things in one place.

So, one day I was sitting in my car about to go in to the Chiropractor’s office and…boom! There it was: Self-Healing School appeared to me as a flash of inspiration.

My passion and purpose became introducing people to my own path of Self-Healing—and the tools I’d discovered along the way—so they would be quickly empowered to discover their own.

If you are searching for something, you’ll find it here.

If you feel an urgency to line up with something you can’t quite put your finger in, you’ll learn how to line up with it here.

If you’ve felt like you were “too much” your whole life, you can connect with people just like you here.

If you know deep within you that you came here to do something important, you’ll discover it here.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re still not finding what you’re looking for, you’re in the right spot.

Self-Healing School is here to help you begin your journey back to yourself.

I'm ready to get started. What do I do next?

Take action.

I'll send you the very first step of your self-healing path so you can get started today!

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