Are energetic blocks holding you back?

Dissolve them immediately with this accelerated energy session.

SESSION FOCUS: Family of origin and anyone you consider family now


Releasing energetic blocks related to your family.


Whether you're carrying family related blocks from your childhood or you're bumping into the same ol' patterns over and over with your family now, you can clear them all with this energy session.

None of us leave childhood unscathed. We experienced all kinds of not-so-great things while growing up that we may not even remember. We unknowingly stuffed them down and suppressed them for decades because, as kids, nobody ever showed us how to release them.

The problem is that suppressing these things has caused glitches and blocks in our energy system that can negatively affect every aspect of our life now. This means that our life can feel all outta whack (or downright miserable!) because the energy is no longer able to flow in and out smoothly.

That's the reason why things in your life don't seem to be going smoothly. When we clear our own energetic blocks, we clear the path for wonderful things and easy days to come to us.

Our family shapes us into who we are. We collect their beliefs and learn to see the world in the way they do. But, there comes a point when this can really hold us back. 

These beliefs, while they may have served us as children are not working for us now. 

When we release them energetically, we not only erase blocks and limiting beliefs from our subconscious mind, we also dissolve the power they have to negatively influence our life right now.

This mean we get very quick results and start seeing immediate shifts around us.

Relationships shift. Things get easier. We feel better. The same ol' issues and problems that we've bumped into over and over are no longer there.

This frees up all kinds of energy for us so we can take inspired action without feeling bogged down and frustrated.

This energy session is packed with nearly two hours of energetic clearings and activations to help you shift the dynamic in your family, past, present and future.

In this energy session, we'll activate high vibe energy and clear 100+ family related blocks.

Here are just a few:

  • topics, conversations and situations that cause fights and tension.
  • feeling alone or disconnected from your family.
  • feeling misunderstood and not heard.
  • feeling punished, hurt, abused, misused, misunderstood by your family.
  • feeling not cared for, unappreciated or unloved by your family.
  • being victimized and having power taken from us.
  • feeling not good enough.
  • anything blocking us from being unwilling to create a new story about our childhood.
  • feeling we don't deserve to have a happy family.
  • procrastination, indecision or fear of taking action.
  • not being "too much" or "too sensitive."
  • shrinking so someone else could be big or have the spotlight.
  • being a different person with the family we grew up in or our family now.
  • past traumas and conflict that we can't seem to move past.
  • limiting beliefs around lack and not having enough money.
  • hiding our gifts and not being able to be who we truly are.
  • so many more!


Once you purchase this accelerated energy session, it'll be available to you forever in your online library.

By listening to this session again and again, you continue clearing energetic blocks on new and deeper levels. You'll also be activating high vibration energy (the REALLY good stuff!) in more profound ways so your experience keeps getting better and better.

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