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"Deana's a rockstar. I've had so many things change or come into my life since I began working with her 6 months ago! Oh, and that whole Soul Purpose thing? ... the pieces of the puzzle finally started coming together after a few months of being in Deana's Power Formula program. Blown away. I had felt stuck for years, and now things are happening much faster! Oh, AND, she empowers you... Best. Part. Ever."

Jessica Roth

"YES, your work matters, Beautiful! You cracked me wide open, Deana! I have been dreaming of doing what we are doing now for over 10 years - it wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for you. You are so incredibly gifted - I've never known anyone as powerful and gifted as you!"

Sherri Hayter

"I tell everybody about Deana. She is incredible at what she does, and I want the whole world to know. She can just pinpoint exactly what's really going on and help you to shift it and learn the important lessons. The amount of space she can hold for transformation is unmatched."

Mike Iamele

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