The Power Hour Basic: Monthly Energy Work with Deana


Ready to raise your energetic vibration and finally be free from all of the things holding you back?

Get monthly energy work with a leading energy advisor for only $6.99 per month. 



What is Power Hour?

Power Hour is on-going “energy maintenance” in a group setting, created to help you release the gunky, low vibe energetic baggage keeping you from living a happy life and taking clear, focused and inspired action each day.

With equal parts empowerment and support, leading energy advisor, Deana Welch, teaches you how to care for your own energy system and helps you to dissolve the tricky energetic blocks that you can’t quite see yourself.

(Hey, you can’t give yourself a really good massage, can you? Sometimes, we need the support of an expert.)

Priced at only $6.99 per month, Power Hour is intentionally designed to help members dissolve the #1 block that keeps people from improving their energy:


By joining Power Hour Basic, you can immediately begin raising your vibration for 25 cents a day.

Are the people you love worth 25 cents a day? Is a happy life full of freedom and inspiration worth 25 cents a day? Are you worth 25 cents a day? Of course, you are! Everyone is!



When you join Power Hour, you have immediate access to one of the leading energy advisors in the world, a supportive community, and the best energetic self-care practices available, so you can release resistance, dissolve your blocks and bust through upper limits like never before.

Think of the last “bad day” you had. Would you pay someone a quarter to shift everything so you felt better? Of course, you would! When you consistently raise your energetic vibration (and get anchored and entrained at that new set point), the bad days become fewer and farther between. 

What's Included in Power Hour?

  • Two recorded energy sessions each month to assist you in releasing low vibration energy and calling in high vibration energy (the really good stuff).
  • Ongoing energetic maintenance with one of the world's leading energy advisors to anchor (i.e. entrain) you at a new energetic set point to prevent the frustrating backslides (and escort you off the emotional rollercoaster).
  • An energetically activated Facebook® community to support you as you up-level your vibration.
  • Periodic Q&A sessions with Deana Welch to address your most pressing questions about energy work.
  • BONUS! Raising Your Vibe training that empowers you with the proven 4-step process to keeping your vibe high in between calls.



When you sign up for Power Hour, you are purchasing a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. This means that $6.99 will be automatically charged to your credit card each month (or $79 annually) so you can continue your energetic maintenance and enrollment in Power Hour.
Be sure to check in with yourself to see if this is a good fit prior to to buying. You can cancel at any time but there will be no refunds.
To see the Power Hour Basic FAQ or to get more information about the Power Hour program, you can explore more here.