What kind of energy do you bring into a space?

What kind of energy do you bring into a space?

It's an important question to ask ourselves because the way we show up in ANY space influences others (and ourselves, too).

This is the daily connection practice I use to ground myself, clear my energy and set strong intentions for how I want to show up in the spaces I frequent.

 In this video, I'll explain the process and walk you through it so you can try it yourself.


We are talking more about this in the Facebook® group. I'd love to know how this is working for you. You can join us by signing up here.

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A Powerful Way to Show Gratitude When Words Don't Cut It

gratitude Oct 20, 2017

There are plenty of times words fail me.

For me, English simply can't encapsulate what it's like to hug my daughter.

It can't capture the beauty of a sunset.

It can't describe how my favorite double extra cheese pizza tastes.

It can't describe the understanding that passes between my husband and I as we are listening to our daughter chatter on about the complexities of social life in second grade.

There are also many times where I've found myself searching for words to convey the love, appreciation and gratitude I feel for the people in my life. Inevitably, words fail me. 

How can I describe the bubbling up of all things good?

The relief and fullness of being truly cared for, loved, accepted and supported.

Knowing, without a doubt, that someone has your back--really, really has your back--when you need it most.

Seeing someone pull through for you and help you in a way that makes your entire world shift into something easier. 

Then there's that other feeling that can come...

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Do You Struggle With Never Feeling Good Enough?

feeling good enough Oct 17, 2017

Feeling good enough.

This is by far the most common topic that clients bring to me at Self-Healing School. 

It is also something I have dealt with, personally, all of my life.

So, I figured it's high time I dive into this topic and unpack it. 

I will be joining Christine Williams of Greatest You Summit to do just that.

Beginning October 23, she is hosting 24 speakers on various topics with the goal of helping you connect with your greatest YOU.

Please join us here if you are wanting to:

  • live a more abundant, prosperous life.
  • deal with the inevitable struggles of life with ease?
  • gain clarity, insight, knowledge and confidence.
  • continue your journey of personal development and spiritual growth.

I will be going live on November 7, and offering a 50% off discount on one of my most popular programs--which I've never done before.

I'd love for you to join us as we dive into practical strategies to finally feeling good enough and why this is such a common problem in the...

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How I Got Started With Energy Work

energy work get started Mar 08, 2017

Not sure if energy work is right for you?

I wasn't either when I first started. I'll give you a sneak peek into the start of my self-healing journey with energy work so you can decide if it's right for you.

Three videos. 21 minutes total. Lots of "aha" moments.


1. Do you give off good vibes or bad vibes? Watch this video to find out.

This video will activate you to:

  • Know whether or not energetic work is for you. (Spoiler alert: I was terrified when I first started.)
  • Understand why you don't need to change who you are to positively shift your entire life with energetic work.
  • Answer the one question that will help you determine your energetic vibration.
  • Begin releasing all of the stuff holding you back right now so you can connect to your Soul Purpose.





 2. Get in on the secret that the world's most successful and happy people have figured out.

This video will activate you to:

  • Understand the energetic principles already at play in...
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5 Seconds That Can Make or Break Your Morning

Each of us holds immense potential and possibility for creating and living a life we love.

The morning time is the easiest place to access those potentials and possibilities.


Because when you are asleep at night, your body, mind, soul and energy system rests and completely resets.

This means that every morning when you wake up, you can start fresh. 

Knowing this can completely shift your entire day, not to mention positively change the course of your entire life. 

Which is kind of a big deal.

So, let's explore this a bit:

First, what many people don’t realize is that there is a Morning Reset Point--5 seconds that have the potential to make or break your day. Once you know where the Morning Reset Point is, you can learn how to leverage it.

Second, when you use the Morning Reset Point as part of a morning routine you love, you can use the power of that reset to change your entire life.


Where is the Morning Reset Point?

The Morning Reset Point is the 3-5...

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